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Random praise for me:

You might see some necro-like-bumps from me. I'm trying to slowly edit/delete all my HINT answers from the site. I am also trying to stay away from giving hint answers in the future.

The last 10 answers I've posted:

  1. Zero sets in Mrówka spaces (22-Nov-2014)
  2. Regarding functions on $\omega_1$ (10-Nov-2014)
  3. Possible behaviours of the cofinality-of-neighbourhood function for topological spaces $X$ that are connected. (6-Nov-2014)
  4. Example of a $T_1$ space that does not have the property that every compact subspace of $X$ is closed. (5-Nov-2014)
  5. Why wouldn't someone accept Gentzen's consistency proof? (15-Oct-2014)
  6. Consistency of restricted forms of Martin's Axiom with the negation of the Continuum Hypothesis (8-Oct-2014)
  7. Spaces where all compact subsets are closed (2-Oct-2014)
  8. Is there always an equivalent metric which is not complete? (24-Sep-2014)
  9. Mary Ellen Rudin's proof that all metric space are paracompact (3-Sep-2014)
  10. Operators on the family of all subsets of a topological space that maybe generates a base for these family. (28-Aug-2014)

Yes, my answer-posting rate has slowed to a crawl. But I am generally happier with the questions I've been answering (and the answers I'm giving).

(Avatar image adapted from Lun-Yi Tsai's Surprised Again on the Diagonal, as found here.)

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