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I recently received a BSc in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, with an excellent mark.

My main research interest is structural complexity theory. I am highly interested in the polynomial hierarchy and determining the relations between classes in the hierarchy and other classes related to it.

I have taken an undergraduate course strictly on computational theory and I've attended several other courses on relevant subjects, like finite automata, graphs, programming language design etc. Furthermore, I have studied on my own, either by studying papers or reading selected chapters from books such as the graduate-level book of Arora-Barak on Computational Complexity and the book on Communication Complexity by Kushilevitz-Nisan.

The previous year (2010-2011) I was working on my diploma project, a survey on hierarchy theorems and hierarchies in Computational Complexity. This year I am working on Communication Complexity.

I will be continuing my studies with a MS/PhD program in Saarland University, starting in Fall 2012.

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