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I am a second year mathematics major at the University of Chicago. My mathematical interests lie primarily in Commutative Algebra and Dynamical Systems (specifically polygonal billiards). I've recently finished a paper on billiards in isosceles triangles which I hope to publish soon.

comment Group action of $G<\mathbb Z^\infty_2$ over the Golden mean shift
Those are very strong restrictions. You should add them to your post.
comment Are there number fields based on ultraradicals?
Fields are always trivially PIDs and UFDs.
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comment Validity of proof for surface area of a sphere
The derivative is in fact the surface area, but you're reasoning isn't quite right.
comment Group action of $G<\mathbb Z^\infty_2$ over the Golden mean shift
What sort of restrictions do you want to impose on the action? Otherwise we could just take some bijection between $\mathbb Z_2^\infty$ and $X$ and have $\mathbb Z_2^\infty$ act on itself, thereby inducing an action on $X$.
comment Find a number in a set that is not equal to sum of any other numbers
I think you misread the question. The OP asks whether it is possible to find a $d_e$ which is not the sum of two elements of $S$. So your example is not a counterexample.
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comment Similar Matrices Conditions:
Well two matrices $B,D$ are defined to be similar if there exists some invertible matrix $P$ such that $P^{-1}BP=D$. It is a theorem that if two matrices are similar they will share the other properties you list.
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comment Challenge: Demonstrate a Contradiction in Leibniz' differential notation
Please keep the comments polite, people.
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comment Studies on lack of mathematical education
@AsafKaragila Older questions (the cutoff is 30 or 60 days, I forget which) cannot be migrated.
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