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Bruce Feist

I was in the software industry from 1980 to 2000, as a programmer, DBA, database designer, and corporate instructor. I quit my job to become a stay at home dad, and three years later went back to school to become certified as a high school math teacher. I've been teaching high school math and computer science since then.

I've dabbled in most commonly used languages (and many pretty offbeat ones) at one time or another. I'd say that of non-proprietary languages, I've gone the farthest with COBOL, FORTRAN, Pascal, PL/1 (PL/C dialect), Object Pascal, C, C++, Java, and various BASICs. I'm currently most active with Java and VBA.

For your amusement: I've also used Scheme, Prolog, APL, Eiffel, Sather, SNOBOL (SPITBOL dialect), Little Smalltalk, Alice, assembly language (8086 / 68000 / IBM System/370), FORTH, Awk, Icon, and various proprietary languages acquired by Computer Associates, my former employer. "Used" in this context means that I've written at least one simple program, but more than a "Hello, World."

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