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comment Quadratic spline interpolation: original reference
Thank you. The Carl deBoor's book is much more readable than original papers but has a disadvantage that a reader must read it from the beginning in order to understand a chapter located somewhere in the middle...
comment Tupper's self-referential formula with Mathematica
My attempt was to compute the Tupper's image in the way he suggests in his paper. And it is very confusing that when I follow his method I get slightly different result...
comment Tupper's self-referential formula with Mathematica
Thanks for the link. Now I see that Eric W. Weisstein faced difficulties too. But he does not explain what happens. He has found the same solution that contradicts original Tupper's descripton where the graph is computed "over [0,106] × [k,k+17]" (Weisstein replaced k with n). And he does not explain how the constant k can be directly decoded into the image.
comment How to approach a symbolic integral that Mathematica cannot solve?
@Zhen Lin Could you please explain more in detail your point about this side of the Rish algorithm and Mathematica? Do you know math software that has a complete implementation of the Rish algorithm?