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I started learning Python as a way to extend Blender 3D almost 10 years ago (around the time of Elephant's Dream). Though my film-making skills never progresased much, I've continued programming in Python and Common Lisp and (when necessary) in C and Javascript.

In the past decade, I have explored many areas of programming, including:

  • A Django-based website for a small commercial bakery in Colombia that replaced their error-prone and inefficient email-based system. It is still in use today and has saved them hundreds of man hours!
  • The first real program I wrote was a solver for single-dimension Schroedinger equations. I learned about GUI programming, threads, and why numpy exists (back then, numeric and numarray hadn't totally died)
  • In college I tried to write an OCR suite to get scanned PDFs onto my Kindle. It was basically tesseract piped into Peter Norvig's famous spellchecker, augmented with NLTK. It worked reasonably well, until it didn't. And then I learned the value of unit testing.
  • I built a webapp (Django again) for the gambling between friend during the 2014 World Cup. I learned how hard designing good-looking webpages can be.
  • Most recently, I've been working on minecart a Python package for extracting images, text, and shapes from PDF documents
  • For a while last year, I dreamed of single-handedly porting all Python libraries to Common Lisp. aqua-lisp is the dormant (not dead, I promise!) project.

I can be contacted via felipe.se.ochoa@gmail.com. Include the string [stack] in the subject line to avoid getting marked as spam.[1]

  1. The email address above is a simple filter for my real email address. I've set up two filters on the account. One forwards all mail with [stack] in the subject to my real mailbox; the other ruthlessly deletes all other messages. If you suspect a message isn't getting through, double check that you've included the tag in the subject

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