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With the move of MathOverflow into the SE network, this account is now associated with dormant accounts in math.SE and other sites in the network. While I plan to continue my (generally low-level) participation in MO, my current plans do not include restarting my participation in those other sites. Therefore, I will be ignoring any comments or pings that reach me from those sites, unless and until I resume my active participation there.

I remain "gone for the foreseeable future" from math.SE, tex.SE, and meta.SE.

Please do not send me private e-mail to call my attention to comments, questions, or other matters related to those sites. Thank you. Also, as I no longer participate in those sites, I do not wish to be sent, by private e-mail, questions that you can just as well ask on those sites. I would have thought it was obvious, but apparently I need to say so explicitly.

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