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I'm an enthusiastic software developer currently working on web applications, Microsoft .Net is my favorite platform for development and C# is my form of expression.
I find myself spending more time on stackoverflow(SO) than facebook , SO is a place to help others and learn from others :-).

My Favourite Quotes:

I like what I do, and I do what I like

- C#
- Java and Android (Learning them :)
- JavaScript , jQuery and AJAX
- XHTML and CSS,
- ASP.net & MS-SQL,
- PHP & MySQL (gotta brush up my skills,I'm noob now...)

- Microsoft Visual Studio 2010,
- SQL Server Management Studio Express 2005/2008
- Expression Web 4,
- NetBeans and Eclipse
- NotePad++

Other Interests:
- Algorithms and Data Structures,
- Exploring C# Language Specifics and .Net framework,
- Game Development (Used Game Maker but now interested in HTML5)