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Currently learning Haskell, switching from MATLAB to Julia, ...

As a Git user since mid 2013 and an educator at heart, I'm interested in efficient ways of teaching Git. One of my side projects is a pedestrian, no-nonsense tutorial for people who are new to version control, which I plan to make available online... at some stage.

I've also written a couple of packages for LaTeX & friends:

  • gitdags, a package for producing pretty Git history graphs meant for educational purposes.

  • matlab-prettifier, a package for typesetting Matlab listings in a way that faithfully replicates the syntax highlighting of the Matlab editor.

  • sclang-prettifier, a package for prettyprinting SuperCollider source code; see here for an example.

  • lstautodedent, an add-on for the listings package that allows you to automatically remove indentation in both embedded and standalone listings.

  • xcolor-solarized, a package that simply defines the 16 colours from Ethan Schoonover's widely popular Solarized colour palette for use in documents typeset with LaTeX & friends.

  • More TBA...

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