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Hello passers-by.

I'm a Portuguese socialist idealist, and a hobbyist in diverse areas, such as Programming, Mathematics, Linguistics, Politics, Philosophy, etc. I can also be found with this very name as an editor of Wikipedia.

The flag you see is from an SVG I wrote, and I use it instead of the Portuguese flag for two reasons: first, the Portuguese flag is hard to write in SVG; the second reason is that I am not only Portuguese, but an Esperantist and a left-wing citizen of the world. Besides, this one didn't exist in the internet yet. :D

In my opinion, the Stack Exchange Network has a lot of information, as Wikipedia does; but unlike Wikipedia, has a more low-context culture, which I dislike (although Portugal's culture is sadly heading that way - thank social networks). I'd like to contribute more (answers) to SE, but they're either too hard or have an answer already. Or both! That's on the good part though: the great efforts to help people and learn ourselves.

I use the Arch (Linux) distribution of GNU/Linux, as Windows sucks and I hate Apple and their products (that yet somehow (!) are extremely expensive) made by underpaid starving Chinese children.

You can contact me through jmcf|25@openmailbox.org (NOTE: the "|" represents a "1", this just avoids some spam).

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