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Croatian: Posjetite moj blog :)

I'm a physics student, interested mostly in mathematical and theoretical physics, but I like pretty much everything in physics and mathematics! Also, I like theoretical computer science and pretty much science in general, I guess I'm simply very curious about the world.

Also, I studied medicine for a couple of years, but I was too much of a physicist to continue the studies. I don't like stuffing myself with information, I strive for understanding the world.

In addition to my scientific interests, I like arts a lot. I had some fun with photography, I play several musical instruments and I even write sometimes, but all that is just for fun.

At some point, I guess, you get that crazy idea that all of science fits together as a beautiful unity and you cannot escape the thought that somehow art fits in it too... And the more you understand, the more you know, the more things fit together and the whole universe, both material and fictional, come together as a beautiful One.

These thoughts drive me to explore that One and, to be honest, there is no cure for curiosity of such magnitude.

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