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comment What is the difference between a point and a vector
@Neolisk 4:00pm is only a displacement when compared to another time, like midnight. It could also be said that the point (3,5) is a displacement when compared to another point like (0,0).
comment Prove that $x^3 + x^2 = 1$ has no rational solutions?
I'm +1ing it just so it will be in your top answers. =p J/K - it really is a strait forward, easy to understand, and complete answer (with a link to external sources and everything!)
comment Why does factoring eliminate a hole in the limit?
To answer the question - I've only been told the methodology of expanding the x2−25 into (x−5)(x+5). It goes like this: (in reverse) (x-5)(x+5) = x(x+5)-5(x+5) = x^2+5x-5x-25 = x^2-25 So, working above the other way takes x^2-25 back to (x-5)(x+5)