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Visually impaired (due to nystagmus and optic nerve atrophy) since infancy and born and brought up in a relatively under-developed country like Pakistan, I've had to work really hard during my entire academic career to get an MPhil in Mathematics at the Center for Advanced Mathematics & Physics (CAMP), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan, prior to which I did a 16-year M.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of Peshawar, following a 14-year B.Sc. degree in Mathematics and Statistics. My grades have been reasonably good. I'm now looking for a PhD place, preferably at some university in Australia, Europe, East Asia, or North America, and would be extremely grateful for any sort of help and support in this connection.

Although I'm trying to make up my deficiency, I must say that the standard of Pakistani mathematics degrees is very low! During our undergrad degrees, the students in general hardly ever get to read texts like Rudin or Apostol or G.F. Simmons, although these are part of the syllabi; almost every student covers a set of usually very substandard notes and gets through the exam with ease. The 14-year B.Sc. is particularly damaging to the young generations' passion for mathematics; certain self-centered individuals have been able to manipulate the higher education institution to adopt rather low-grade textbooks written by them in exclusion to the very excellent and accessible internationally recognized texts on the same topics.

I wish I were born in, or could relocate to, a country where there is honesty and fairplay!

To get back to mathematics, my area of MPhil research was fixed point theory in metric spaces; I'm particularly interested in mathematical analysis, functional analysis, topology, graph theory, linear algebra, and number theory.

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