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A professional developer since 1990.

Platforms have included Psion S3, MS-DOS, Windows 9x, and (most of all) Windows NT/2l/XP/2k3/... with lots of COM and .NET.

All code I post here can be treated as public domain and freely used without restriction or support. But no guarantee is made as to its correctness or suitability whatsoever.

I'm richardcox13 on Twitter.

BTW. My gravatar icon is a picture of a fence post from Rotorua, NZ pictured on film(!) when I visited a few years ago.

Note: any views or opinions expressed here are my own, and do not reflect those of any other person or organisation whatever my relationship to that person or organisation.

comment What exactly is infinity?
@krikara It is trivial to construct a bijection between the two subsets of the reals ($(1,2)$ and $(1,10)$) therefore they have the same order.
comment Which one result in mathematics has surprised you the most?
@JuminP ... and nothing else.
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comment Given an infinite number of monkeys and an infinite amount of time, would one of them write Hamlet?
There has already been consideration of some ability to manage the monkeys: you need the Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite--RFC2795.