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    • History and philosophy of science
    • Science and its influence on society
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    • Philosophy of religion and atheism
    • Teaching of mathematics and self-study techniques, including online teaching and MOOC's (Massive Open Online Courses)
    • Certainty and uncertainty in human life
    • Gaia hypothesis, global brain, complexity, evolution, cognition,..
    • Game theory
    • Fundamental problems in computer science
    • Neuroethics

comment Explaining what real math is to a high school student
I like your suggestions (I've read most of them), but it would be a great answer if you expanded a little on which arguments, exercises, analogies,... you would use for this specific purpose.
comment Explaining what real math is to a high school student
@RobertMastragostino I would say that a high school math class is usually about practising scales, but without knowing what they are nor what you can do with them; I'd say you are allowed to listen to songs, but you aren't allowed to play them yourself. I thought my high school math classe were often a very passive and 'blind' experience: we learned how to do something, but I didn't know what I was doing, nor what I could do with it (i.e. why I was doing it) and we definitely weren't encouraged to play around with it, which is essential to gain insight.