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Matt Winckler

Licensing Note: Use my code however you like

All code snippets I contribute to this site I hereby release into the public domain, supplied as-is and with no warranty expressed or implied, etc. Use them at your own risk and as you please.

Software Craftsman

I'm a full-stack web developer of 10+ years with a wholesome smattering of desktop application development thrown in for added flavor. I have a few public repos for you to peruse at GitHub. My experience is listed below with bar charts on a scale of "I did something with this once" to "I solve problems in my sleep with this".


████▒ C#/ASP.NET MVC
████▒ Javascript/jQuery
███▒▒ CSS
███▒▒ Ruby/Rails
███▒▒ WPF, Windows Forms
██▒▒▒ PHP
██▒▒▒ Delphi (Pascal)
▒▒▒▒▒ Python

Server Technologies

██▒▒▒ IIS 6/7
███▒▒ nginx
███▒▒ Apache
███▒▒ Passenger (module and standalone)

Database Technologies

████▒ SQL Server
███▒▒ MySQL
█▒▒▒▒ SQLite, SQL Server CE

Miscellaneous Software of Interest

█▒▒▒▒ WordPress (custom themes, plugins)
██▒▒▒ Redmine (configuration, customization)
██▒▒▒ Gitosis/Gitolite (private server)

Other Important Skills

█████ Theology: Reformed Christianity
█████ Board gaming
      █████ Agricola
      █████ Eclipse
      ████▒ Power Grid
      ███▒▒ Endeavor
███▒▒ Video gaming
      ███▒▒ Starcraft II
      ███▒▒ Nethack
      ██▒▒▒ Team Fortress 2
███▒▒ Graphic Design (Web)

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