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My daily work is a closed source PHP project but I'm really interested in open source projects and I know PHP, C/C++ and Perl 5 pretty well. I can do some Java, Python, x86 assembler (intel syntax) and some other programming languages, too. I'm currently running Ubuntu (workstation, home computer, laptop) and Cyanogenmod (phone) as my OS of choice. GPG: 563168EB

comment Why does two terms immediately adjacent “mean” multiply?
@Jsor for me "1/6x" is ambiouous and if I were to guess, I would say "(1/6) times x". I think it depends on where you have been educated. I have completed my education in Finland.
comment proving $\mathrm e <3$
It was not clear to me how to easily show using binomial theorem that both definitions of $e$ are equal. Fortunately, Wikipedia had the answer at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binomial_theorem#Series_for_e