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Math undergrad -- albeit the kind that's probably 10+ years older than most of the other people in his classes. (I'm looking to shift into a career that I'd actually like to do for the rest of my life.)

I'm currently looking at doing mathematical physics in grad school, as the problems of physics are what most interest me, but the mathematical way of thinking is apparently what seems more natural to me.

My latest fascinations are:

  • What little I understand of complex analysis. Harmonic functions, analytic functions and the stokes theorem'y notions around them.
  • Trying to make an initial acquaintance with differential geometry. It's part of my goal of knowing what's going on in Penrose's The Road to Reality.
  • Establishing a course of study toward Lie Algebras. I'm still not sure how many steps away I am from it.
  • Finding the time to learn some topology. I'm still a few semesters away from taking it in school, but I don't really want to wait that long.
  • Hypercomplex numbers, which seem to be the answer to a question that had been simmering in my head since I was younger. (The original question was something to the effect of "why are powers of i a four-step cycle...and what would it take to make similar cycles of different length?")
  • Getting some familiarity with category theory...although to what end, I don't know. I gave David Spivak's category theory textbook a casual reading not long ago, and I hope to give it a through working-through at some point.

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