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如果你懂中文的话,欢迎访问我的博客(Website )。

I study maths by myself,lack the papers and any other help,no university ask me to do some research or even help their fool students.Now I am making some lectures of Communicative algebra and some others topics at my blog and other video websites.

But some Chinese maths forums Kill my ID without any reasons and rules,maybe they just ask for exams and homeworks,upload and download some e-books,but I can do some discussing which gives offense to their authority of their organizations and math-leaders.

I think I should make my webname “Strongart” more and more famous because it seems that they like this than mathematics!That is just for some Chinese.

If you have some Chinese friends and students who are really like mathematics and you are also glad to send a letter to him showing that this guy has a little talent in maths,maybe that will become a great help for me.

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