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comment Ways to write “50”
Is there any special significance to the number 50 that I'm not aware of? Also - I can offer L, the from the Roman numbering system.
comment Is percentile affected by extreme values?
We're agreed that definition-wise, as I tried to point out in my question, it's meaningless to compute 25th percentile in this case. However, my question was whether in this particular case the percentile placed somewhere between 72 and 88 should be affected by increment in the maximum value. I can imagine it's hard to answer that because one has no accurate definition to lean towards. Hence the question (if I had a definition, I could figure it out myself, hehe) - what do other think to be an adequate behavior.
comment Integrating the formula for a circle's area
Splendid reply (answer to the actual questions with exactly corresponding information) BUT too explicit info. I wanted to kill the beast myself... :( Thanks guys, anyway! I've been missing mathematics the last few years... Maybe I should get back and do Ph.D...