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A proud contributor to the Crusade of Answers -- more info on meta. We are recruiting: just visit the chat room. :)

A mathematics enthusiast caring to help others out. My most knowledgeable areas are logic and category theory. I also know a fair share about measure theory and functional analysis, along with the standard undergraduate curriculum.

When applicable, in the process of answering/helping out, I point people to the community effort ProofWiki which catalogues and rigorously founds proofs in all areas of mathematics.

I am not a native speaker of the English language, but I try to approximate this status; please feel free to point out any errors (perhaps the best way to do so is through chat or e-mail -- see below for the latter).

For those trying to contact me urgently cq. personally, you can direct an email to the following address (all letters lowercase):

my-user-name (at) my-affiliated-site (dot) org

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