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Jeff Walden

I hack on the software you're likely using to view this page, i.e. Firefox -- most particularly the JavaScript engine, but I've hacked on the layout engine, the DOM, and networking code as well (among others). (Alternately, if you're using a WebKit-based browser, I've hacked out a patch or two for them. If you're using Opera, well, it's difficult to contribute to a program that's not open source. If you're using IE, I pity the fool.) The picture is of me at the completion of a southbound Appalachian Trail thru-hike -- most awesome thing I've ever done in my life. I've also thru-hiked the John Muir Trail (excellent scenery and hiking, but too short), and I expect to thru-hike other trails in the future (definitely Pacific Crest, perhaps the Long Trail, likely others as well).