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I am now active on PhysicsOverflow: a new higher-level physics site

I'm trying to reconsider and learn some more maths in order to deepen my understanding of cool fundamental physics topics the Milner Prize is targetted at for example, to a slightly technical level.

... just for the heck and the fun of it :-)


I always experienced the Mathematics SE community to be very friendly, helpful, and funny at times. But since this user


appeared and started his massively destructive campaign to unilaterally delete useful and correct content by cleverly abusing the autodeletion mechanism in June 2014

Is it appropriate to downvote answers for the sake of deleting a question?

with the effect that many important long-term and high-rep users left the site (as nobody was willing to stop the offenders), the character and atmosphere of the community has completely changed.

I will obviously not be able to use the site for extending my knowledge concerning mathematical topics in the future, as nothing is save from the massively destructive Behaviour of the deletists.

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