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-) I use downvotes to organize answers to a question. By voting up I bring up the answers that I consider more important, useful, or that I think should be read first. By voting down I also do the same. If I downvoted your answer, it might not be that I think it is bad, but that I think other answers should be on top of yours in the list.

I think that this, together with bounties, is the only way to put those banal reputation points to good use.

-) Being arrogant or a snob are for me the worst qualities there are. If I see arrogance or snobbery I will try to find my chance to crush you, if I can. I am specially infuriated when I see a beginner that is trying to learn mathematics being mistreated.

-) Homework is not necessarily for you to do alone. You should work on it a little, with all your strength if possible, but ultimately seeing the problem statement and seeing answers of it are what is most important from a homework. All people do in math is to combine what they have seen someone do before; from the student to the best of the scholars. That is why it is important for students to see things being done. You will always get exams in which your ability to work alone is going to be tested. Homework is not the ideal teaching resource for that. It is your job to make sure you are prepared for working alone. Meanwhile, bring your homework problems if you want to see their solutions. If I see it, I will answer it, if I can, even if it is in the narrow space of the comments.

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