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comment Matrix Factorization problem
@Nunoxic P and Q are both 1 x k Pn denotes a specific vector P of length k ..... I don't know how to explain this better I am not a native english speaker .... but say there are n vectors of length k one of them is defined by Pn and supposed there are m vectors Q of length k one of them is defined by Qm and the dot product of Pn and Qm is a value defined by Ymn and matrix Y is the matrix of all values of Ymn where m is 1 to m and n is 1 to n ... Did I explained myself??
comment Matrix Factorization problem
@Yuval Filmus No it is not a homework problem .... I was reading a research paper and they did this but I did not understand how they found the vectors thats why I posted this question. the dimensions of X are n and m where n corresponds to number of P vectors and m corresponds to number of q vectors and Ymn is the dot product of corresponding Pn and Qm(transpose).