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Entrepreneur software developer, well-versed in modern UI architecture (WPF, MVVM, prefers Prism), database access (prefers NHibernate) and interested in game programming (XNA, SlimDX).

Advocate of Unit Testing and Continuous Integration (prefers Jenkins/Hudson or TeamCity), enjoys trying to write the cleanest code humanly possible.

Fluent in C++ and C# and common storage/exchange formats (XAML, XML, YAML, JSON).

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comment In Russian roulette, is it best to go first?
This might be a non-intuitive question, but I don't follow the reasoning here: the interviewer has just fired a blank (at a 2 in 6 chance), so now there are 5 chambers left with 2 guaranteed to be loaded: a 2 in 5 chance. If you spin the barrel, you improve your chances back to 2 in 6, since you add the blank chamber back into the draw.