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Hello, StackExchange!

I'm just another programmer, albeit one who only likes low level stuff mostly. My preferred background and preference is in C, with some C++. I have some math background in Calculus and Linear algebra.

Finally I like videogames, especially puzzles, fantasy, RPG and Minecraft; and I also love to make ACSII art. As well as play The Legend of Zelda. (^.^)

main(){int z[] = {0x48, 0x65, 0x6C, 0x6C, 0x6F, 0x2C, 0x20, 0x57, 0x6F, 0x72, 0x6C, 0x64, 0x21};_(z);}int _(int *l){int i, *S = l; for(i = 0; i < 13; i++) printf("%c", *S++);}