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I am a highschool student who is very interested in the future of the web and web applications.

I am in middle of creating a startup (Nvr Forget). If you want an early beta invite sign up at nvrforget.com. The more interest that is shown the higher the chance I will launch it.

Languages/tools I currently use/know:

  • CSS/CSS3
  • Javascript(jQuery)
  • AJAX
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Areas I am greatly interested in:

  • Building web apps that are "self-learning"
  • Building AJAX filled web apps (as close to desktop apps in feeling as possible)

comment What is this question asking for?
yeah, big chance of that going over well ;)
comment What is this question asking for?
yeah, well every teacher has their quirks and you kinda don't have a choice but to go along
comment How do you find the cube roots of just a number?
@Agusti Roig Don't worry, I really don't care a ton for the actual answer I need to find out how to do it so that I can do any different problem on the test.
comment How do you factor an equation over the set of complex numbers?
Ah... thanks now I remember.