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I work in the medical imaging field as a software developer in montreal Canada. I work with ruby on rails, javascript, c on a daily basis. I was also a system administrator for multiple years working with Linux/Windows /Mac mixed environments and managing core network infrastructure from routers to switches.

I have a degree in Mathematics from Florida State University (GO NOLES!)

comment What should I learn first, Mathematica or MatLab?
Mehper C. Palavuzlar post is pretty accurate from what I know. All I wanted to add was that it's also very domain specific. In Brain Imaging where I work currently, Matlab is entrenched. Other fields differ. Have you considered Maple?
comment Where can I find a review of discrete math
Good book suggestion, I have a copy of the book from the last time I took the course, I was just hoping to find material that would let me check what I remember and then be able to dive into what I forgot by reading the book section needed.
comment Where can I find a review of discrete math
I was looking mostly for the equivalent of a first course in Discrete Mathematics. The usual content if I remember correctly was basically just a overview of everything you mentioned. Logic, Proof Techniques(induction), Number Theory, Sets, Abstract Algebra, Graph theory... Nothing in depth but just an overview of it all.