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Who am I? Judging by the implication of the injunction, to "Know Thyself", reportedly inscribed over the portal of the temple of Apollo at Delphi in ancient Greece, no one knows who I am - not even me. I'm not affiliated with any institution. I don't have a degree, a job, debts, or a credit card. I guess I'm just a nobody.

I live off the grid, off the beaten track, where even the USPS, UPS, FedEx and the Pony express never go. There is no TV reception, cell phone reception, or even a land line this far out in the sticks. Cowboys here make you fence their damn cows out, so they won't have to fence them in! If it were not for satellites, I wouldn't even have access to the Web. The only thing I like about big cities is big libraries and big book stores. I don't need a sundial, let alone an alarm clock. I've never owned a TV and I couldn't care less about sports, the news, or the weather.

I built my own house. I've never let a mechanic touch my car. I built my own computer and taught myself to program it. I grow my own food, drink water from my own stream, cut my own firewood, raise my own eggs, milk my own goats. I never get sick. The only people, besides myself, that I depend on is an occasional surgeon or dentist.

My formal training in mathematics ended with a year of calculus and a semester of symbolic logic - both of which courses I aced, however. I've never taken a course in physics. Simplify, simplify, simplify: that's my motto - in life, mathematics, and physics.

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