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comment Does mathematics require axioms?
Once again, XKCD is relevant… xkcd.com/435
comment Prove that 16, 1156, 111556, 11115556, 1111155556… are squares.
This is quite a nice result, and worth remembering; proving that each number in the sequence is the square of a natural number by 'guessing' what number each is the square of, and proving that this is indeed true for every number in the sequence.
comment How many possible outcomes can there be in the lottery?
I'm not chris, but I've talked through an answer without actually doing the calculation for you...
comment How many possible outcomes can there be in the lottery?
Actually, it isn't clear that you need to divide: the order is "relevent" (I assume this is the same as relevant)
comment In a family with two children, what are the chances, if one of the children is a girl, that both children are girls?
So re-order the question - "in a family with two children, at least one of whom is a girl, what are the chances that the other is also a girl?" and the 1 in 3 answer might make a little more sense.
comment I can't do math?
Yeah - my poem began "Silly Old..." and went downhill rapidly from there!