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The common goal here is not to create a big, warm, happy family of people who smile and pat each other on their respective backs each day. Rather, we are seeking to build collections of useful information. Much of the time, this can go hand in hand with some amount of mutual respect, appreciation and even warmth - but at times, those goals conflict: when someone posts something that detracts from that common goal, it must be either corrected or removed.

The history of the Internet is littered with the corpses of communities that thought they could demand compliance from new members without showing them how. Editing is hands-on education for those willing to learn and a means of salvaging the efforts of those answering even when the asker never learns anything.

Guess what: if your site is full of crappy questions, your site sucks - even if they're not highly-ranked by your own users, folks are finding them via Google, and that's where the vast majority of your readers are coming from. You can work to fix that - as painful as that process is - or you can bury your head in the sand and blame it on all of those stupid people from elsewhere.

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