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"Math is torture. Our mathematical proficiency is proportional to the extent we have tortured ourselves."

"I run into so many people who want to solve an entire problem in their head before they try anything. I tell them they have to start wiggling, and if that doesn't work, try thrashing."

I am a third-year undergraduate math major at the University of Georgia currently studying point-set topology and complex analysis. Though my interests lie primarily in abstract algebra, I am also (slowly) putting together the Internet's first video series on Ramsey theory. This can be found in its incomplete form by clicking here.

As the vice-president of programming for the UGA Math Club, I schedule talks to be given by undergrads, graduate students, and professors alike. If you are in the area and you would be interested in giving a math talk to an enthusiastic audience here in Athens, feel free to contact me at khansen3@uga.edu.

To see previous math club talks and other happenings from the UGA Math Department, click here. On this channel, you will not only find a wide variety of 1-hour presentations, but also a series on Morse Theory, proceedings from the Georgia Topology Conference, and links to a series of lectures on multivariable calculus and linear algebra by Dr. Ted Shifrin.

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