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I am a third-year undergraduate math major at the University of Georgia currently studying real analysis and the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equations. Though my interests lie primarily in abstract algebra, I am also (slowly) putting together the Internet's first video series on Ramsey theory. This can be found in its incomplete form by clicking here.

As the vice-president of programming for the UGA Math Club, I schedule talks to be given by undergrads, graduate students, and professors alike. If you are in the area and you would be interested in giving a math talk to an enthusiastic audience here in Athens, feel free to contact me at khansen3@uga.edu.

To see previous math club talks and other happenings from the UGA Math Department, click here. On this channel, you will not only find a wide variety of 1-hour presentations, but also a series on Morse Theory, proceedings from the Georgia Topology Conference, and links to a series of lectures on multivariable calculus and linear algebra by Dr. Ted Shifrin.

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