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Real name is Rod Vance. Optican Engineer for Optiscan Imaging Limited. Interested in mathematics, both for applications to physics and for its own sake. WetSavannaAnimal describes my evolutionary history, which animal history I share with at least some readers and which must restrict which patterns we can recognise in human mathematics as human mathematicians! I am writing an exposition / maybe book on elementary Lie theory in general rather than matrix setting with minimum machinery. I am intrigued by the relationship between Mathematics and the other sciences: I lean towards empricist ideas having had long experience in software development I see proving mathematics as rather like debugging software. A theorem's real "proof" lies in a history of withstanding the challenges of the peer review process rather than the thing touted as a proof in a journal, just like the old adage - don't buy software version .0 of anything. Wait until version .1 or .2 so that the bugs have been sorted out. I look forward to the day when one can dynamically build and review a proof, debugging like software it in a development environment that checks it against a great grandchild of Mizar or Metamath.

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