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meant for questions which are generalized forms of questions which get asked frequently. See tag details for more information.
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For questions about Hopf algebras and related concepts, such as quantum groups.
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For questions about Combinatorial design theory, a part of combinatorial mathematics that deals with the existence, construction and properties of systems of finite sets whose arrangements satisfy gen…
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the study of dynamical systems of functions over complex numbers.
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Questions on the mathematics behind the famed toy invented by Ernő Rubik.
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Question related to Lévy processes, i.e. stochastically continuous processes with independent, stationary increments.
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A method of obtaining (numerically) approximate solutions to (usually) differential equations. It consists of a method of discretization splitting the domain into disjoint subdomains over each of whic…
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A tag for all questions involving a type of utility function.
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For questions about artificial intelligence.
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a generalization of a sequence where a directed set is used as the index set instead of positive integers. Convergence of nets can be defined in a similar way as convergence of sequences. …
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categories with three distinguished classes of morphisms: the weak equivalences, the fibrations and the cofibrations. They provide a natural setting for [tag:homotopy-theory] in a…
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properties of topological space which, roughly speaking, say in what way two points, a point and a closed set, or two closed sets can be "separated".
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for questions related to absolute convergence a series.
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for requests to translate written mathematical material from one language to another.
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The study of relations between, one the one hand, the topology of a smooth manifold as encoded in the cohomology groups, and on the other, the set of solutions to the Laplace operator on differential …
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In number theory, a multiplicative function is a function defined on positive integers such that f(ab)=f(a)f(b) for a,b coprime. E.g. Euler's totient function, sum of divisors and number of divisor…
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Question on minimal surfaces, or surfaces that have zero mean curvature.
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The splitting field of a polynomial with coefficients in a field, F, is the smallest field extension to F such that the polynomial decomposes into linear factors. Often used with Galois-theory tag.
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The utilization of advanced computing technology in mathematical research: new mathematical results discovered partly or entirely with the aid of computer-based tools.
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For questions regarding the structure and properties of compact manifolds.
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A groupoid (in the sense of category theory) is a small category in which every morphism is an isomorphism. Groupoids arise throughout mathematics, e.g. in guise of fundamental groupoids in the theory…
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For question on Tessellations, the process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps.
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Questions about mathematicians and their lives.
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For questions about strictly stationary or stationary in the wide sense sequences or processes. Questions about deterministic stationary processes (in the case of discrete dynamical systems) are welco…
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