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(STUB) A method of computing homology groups by taking a sequence of approximations. Particularly useful in algebraic topology.
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a generalized cohomology theory, for which $K_0(X)$ is the Grothendieck group of isomorphism classes of vector bundles over topological space $X$. See also [tag:algebraic-k-the…
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fields which have an additional structure, a linear order compatible with the field structure. This tag is for questions regarding ordered fields and their properties, as well proof…
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For questions on propagation of errors.
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For questions on dihedral groups, the group of symmetries of a regular polygon, including both rotations and reflections
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For questions related to multinomial coefficients, a generalization of binomial coefficients.
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For questions related to conversion of units.
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Questions about rectangles and its properties.
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For questions related to the Lambert-W or product log function. This is the inverse function of $f(z) = ze^z$.
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For questions about Hopf algebras and related concepts, such as quantum groups.
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Dynamics of the iterated map $n \to 3n+1$ if $n$ is odd and $n \to \frac n2 $ if $n$ is even. Generalizations to $n \to 3n-1 $ or $ n \to 5n+1$ or even to $n \to pn+q$ . Other names are "$3x+1$-proble…
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the study of dynamical systems of functions over complex numbers.
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The implicit function theorem gives sufficient conditions to solve a given equation for one or more of the variables as functions of the remaining variables. The basic form of the theorem is that of a…
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categories with three distinguished classes of morphisms: the weak equivalences, the fibrations and the cofibrations. They provide a natural setting for [tag:homotopy-theory] in a…
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For questions about elements which satisfy $x\cdot x=x$ where $\cdot$ is a composition law.
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For questions about artificial intelligence.
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an area of algebra that seeks efficient algorithms to answer fundamental problems concerning basic algebraic objects (groups, rings, fields etc). For questions about generic…
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For questions regarding formal decision problems. In contrast, questions involving strategic aspects (where the solution depends on the behavior of others) are discussed in game theory.
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Questions on the mathematics behind the famed toy invented by Ernő Rubik.
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mappings from one reference frame to another reference frame in the Euclidean space $\mathbb R^n$. They comprise translation, rotation (and sometimes reflection). More for…
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for requests to translate written mathematical material from one language to another.
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For question on Tessellations, the process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps.