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First of all, see that both the distributions are symmetric - So the median would be the center value, which is $30$ Since standard deviation measures spread of the data, $B$ will be having a greater standard deviation because more data values in $B$ are away from the median compared to $A$


I think you're calculating things correctly. Each sampling taken separately has a standard deviation of $0$ because every item is the same price in the sample. There is no variation. But when you combine the samples into one, now you have a variation, so the standard deviation is greater than $0$.


statistics tell us the Z-score (i.e., $\frac{Actual\;Lifespan - Mean\;Lifespan}{SD}$) for the elephant is -0.7 while the Z-score for the lion is 2.0. we're assuming a normal distribution and a Z score of 2.0 means that it lived longer than 97.5% of the other lions while the elephant lived only ~ 40% longer than the other elephants (look up 68-95-99.7 rule) ...

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