For questions about the formulation of a proof, not about the mathematics behind it.

Questions with the (proof-writing) tag are about the presentation of a mathematical proof. Questions might include:

  • Should I include [x-mathematical detail] at [y-part of this proof]?
  • Here is a proof about [x-mathematical idea]. How can it be improved?
  • Is the following a sufficient proof of [x-mathematical tidbit]?

But this tag is not for asking someone else to write a proof for you, or for how to answer some question. Questions such as: My professor asked me to prove the Pythagorean theorem and I don't know how to begin are not to have this tag.

This tag is intended for use along with other, more "mathematical" tags. A question about the writing of a proof in abstract algebra, for example, should have the tag as well.

See here for a useful set of guidelines for writing a solution.

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