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Possible packing: Here is scaled-up one ($2048\times 2048$ pixels). And coordinates of first 200 rectangles ('h' - horizontal, 'v' - vertical): 1) h x1=0.000000000000 y1=0.000000000000 x2=1.000000000000 y2=0.500000000000 2) h x1=0.000000000000 y1=0.500000000000 x2=0.500000000000 y2=0.833333333333 3) h x1=0.500000000000 y1=0.500000000000 ...


In 2013, Yitang Zhang made major inroads on prime gaps. Quite likely, there will eventually be very short proofs on the Sierpinski number conjecture and the Riesel number conjecture. Pentagon tiling just got a fifteenth solution. A Hadamard matrix of order 428 was found in 2005, and eventually the order 668 will be found. Some perfect solutions in the ...

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