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While I do not know whether it will help you much, you may view a dictionary between topological concepts and their equivalent algebraic concepts on pages 6 and 13 of "Very Basic Non-commutative Geometry" by Masoud Khalkhali.


Depends on sign of $b$. Choosing $ b<0, t \rightarrow \infty$, radius $ \rightarrow 0$


The Boolean algebra of connected components is equivalent to the projections (the elements with $p^2=p$) in the algebra of functions, with multiplication of functions representing intersection and $(p_1,p_2) \to p_1 + p_2 - p_1p_2$ being the union of sets of components. I think there is a version of algebraic K-theory for topological algebras whose value ...


Yes and you don't even have to take the closure. For instance if $A$ is a non-simple C*-algebra with trivial cetnre that has unique (faithful) trace (for instance $A=C^*(G)$ for a sufficiently non-commutative amenable group such as the group of permutations of integers that move at most finitely many entries), then $A\otimes \mathcal{Z}$, where $\mathcal{Z}$ ...

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