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Thanks to Zhen Lin to bring me on the right track. The misunderstanding is the following: The dual object ($Y$ in my example) is unique up to isomorphism, but this isomorphism is not unique. However, a dual is more than merely the object, it's the triple $(Y,\epsilon,\eta)$. This one is indeed unique up to unique isomorphism, and the calculation in the ...


"Uniqueness will fail for noncommutative monoids, so here we must use commutativity of our monoids, " This is not correct. You get a morphism in $V$ also for non-commutative monoids, but it won't be a monoid morphism. This is where commutativity is used. Uniqueness holds in general: If $h : M \otimes N \to X$ is a monoid morphism with $h \circ (M \otimes ...

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