Concerns all aspects of integration, including the integral definition and computational methods. For questions solely about the properties of integrals, use in conjunction with (indefinite-integral), (definite-integral), (improper-integrals) or another tag(s) that typically describe(s) the types of the integrals being considered. This tag often goes along with the (calculus) tag.

Integration is a major part of , related to differentiation by the fundamental theorem of calculus: If $f$ is the derivative of $F$, then $$\int^b_a f(x)dx = F(b)-F(a)$$

Integration is often harder than differentiation. Several techniques are developed to help integrating, these include integration by parts, integration by substitution, trigonometric substitutions and partial fractions.

Integration can be used to find the area under a graph and finding the average of the function. It can also be used to compute the volume of certain solids.

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