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I have several ODEs describing the behavior of dividing particles (e.g., How to model multi-step cell differentiation). I would like to plot these ODEs based on changing values of p over time. I would appreciate any advice on what graphics program would be suitable for this task.


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I'm fairly sure you can perform this sort of thing in Mathematica. If you have Mathematica, check the documentation center for what you are looking for. – Samuel Reid Dec 28 '11 at 19:09

I'll second Matlab but make specific metion to the Matlab toolkits pplane and Matcont.

Matcont is particularly useful for investigating bifurcations, which seems to be what you're interested in.

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I'd use either MATLAB or Python for that. Both have strong visualization capabilities.

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You should have a lok at SAGE, a free open-source mathematics software.

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