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I'm going to take this course next semester

Description Formulation, solution and applications of integer programs. Branch and bound, cutting plane, and column generation algorithms. Combinatorial optimization. Stochastic Optimization. A large emphasis will be placed on modelling. Students will select and present a case study of an application of integer programming in an area of their choice.

Prerequisite a course in linear algebra and a good knowledge of linear programming

I studied linear algebra and linear programming many years ago so I've completely forgotten everything. But I really want to take this course, (there aren't many choices anyway). Therefore I will make some preparation.

Can you recommend some concise introduction books on these 2 topics?


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Have you seen this? – J. M. Dec 8 '11 at 15:37
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Take a look, it's related topic Linear Programming Book.

In my opinion if you need just concise review it will be helpful An Introduction to Linear Programming. Great book with no so complicated proofs and explanations Deterministic Operations Research. And the last one, book on very advanced level Linear Programming and Network Flows.

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You might want to refresh your knowledge with the video lectures of Stephen Boyd who is the coauthor of the famous (and free!) book.

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