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I want to calculate

$\binom{100}{i}a^i(1-a)^{(100-i)}$ for different $i$ with $a=0.001$ using GMP-GNU.

How can this be done?

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Since the OP specifically says "using GMP-GNU", I'm not sure whether it's appropriate to remove that from the title. I understand the broader appeal, though, and that it may otherwise not be on-topic for math.SE (if it is, even now?). – r.e.s. Dec 8 '11 at 7:44
mpz_bin_uiui can be used for the binomial calculation. But how can it be possible to calculate mpf_t number in GMP? – user12290 Dec 8 '11 at 12:51
This might fit on Computational Science. – David Z Dec 9 '11 at 0:42
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What you have is called a Bernstein polynomial. You can use the recursion formula for binomial coefficients,


along with repeated squaring to evaluate your polynomial.

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Mathematica has the function built-in: BernsteinBasis[100, i, a] – J. M. Dec 8 '11 at 6:46

The OP specifically wants to use GMP-GNU. For example, with Sage/gmpy, the following prints all the terms and verifies that they sum to 1:

import gmpy
terms = [long(gmpy.bincoef(100L, i))*0.001^i*0.999^(100-i) for i in [0..100]]
print terms, sum(terms)

(The gmpy library may need to be installed first, using the command ./sage -i gmpy-1.0.1, the current folder being the one in which Sage is installed.)

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So what's the problem?

In Maple:


.9047921471, .9056978450e-1, .4487692025e-2, .1467446842e-3, .3562120711e-5, .6846117884e-7, .1085053719e-8, .1458530667e-10, .1697239140e-12, .1736692257e-14, .1581971926e-16, .1295636303e-18, .9618921502e-21, .6517787728e-23, .4054393911e-25, .2326846021e-27, .1237374323e-29, .6120205097e-32, .2824919491e-34, .1220396176e-36, .4947552068e-39, .1886668408e-41, .6781636376e-44, .2302161455e-46, .7393494828e-49, .2249872300e-51, .6496512762e-54, .1782308028e-56, .4651383028e-59, .1155982113e-61, .2738562897e-64, .6190041746e-67, .1336063815e-69, .2755857052e-72, .5436095580e-75, .1026118428e-77, .1854568396e-80, .3211113204e-83, .5329016698e-86, .8480250385e-89, .1294532717e-91, .1896334456e-94, .2666564967e-97, .3600362412e-100, .4668774626e-103, .5815846492e-106, .6960690192e-109, .8005394125e-112, .8848137484e-115, .9399259447e-118, .9596841473e-121, .9418086201e-124, .8883618693e-127, .8053595052e-130, .7016627135e-133, .5874326112e-136, .4725165792e-139, .3651147549e-142, .2709594846e-145, .1930794922e-148, .1320697228e-151, .8668978669e-155, .5458525753e-158, .3295739844e-161, .1907256854e-164, .1057384257e-167, .5612953713e-171, .2851215787e-174, .1385063312e-177, .6429911943e-181, .2850382814e-184, .1205592697e-187, .4860720196e-191, .1866252081e-194, .6816114246e-198, .2365284890e-201, .7788330733e-205, .2429961619e-208, .7172443883e-212, .1999388825e-215, .5253649314e-219, .1298495857e-222, .3011721635e-226, .6537982492e-230, .1324487611e-233, .2495648799e-237, .4357233045e-241, .7018658041e-245, .1037885096e-248, .1400796431e-252, .1713798326e-256, .1885180042e-260, .1846043912e-264, .1589584347e-268, .1184917943e-272, .7491183452e-277, .3905563612e-281, .1612153849e-285, .4940104950e-290, .99900e-295, .10e-299

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