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![How to simplify expressions in a polynomial ring using software Maple][1].

For example,I want to verify some expressions is zero. But I don't know how to archive my goal.

Anyone can help me? Thank you very very very very much!

I paste the expressions I want to simplify. (I can't paste images,I'm so sad!)

Expressions such as:

$$-q^{3p}(s(1-q^i))(1-q^{2i})-sq^{3p+i}-2sq^{(2i+3p)}+sq^{3p+4i}-sq^{3p+5i} +(s(1-q^i))(1-q^{2i})q^{2i+3p}+sq^{3p}+2sq^{3p+3i}$$

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right click on expression,from menu choose "Simplify" , from submenu choose "Simplify"... – pedja Dec 6 '11 at 12:57

Note that squiggle-brackets are Maple's set constructor, not expression delimiters. You probably want round-brackets instead. Also, use explicit multiplication signs, to avoid confusion such as between products like s*q and compound names like sq. The simplify command handles this example directly. You can call the command by typing it, or you can right-click on the expression as output and apply it from the pop-up context-menu.


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