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Please can you help me with this question? I think I have the right answer but I want to make sure.

The question asks: JPY 1,000 in Year 1 is worth how many US dollars in Year 1?


Value of 1 Euro (Euro) For Year 1 US Dollar = 1.60
JPY = 158


  • A) USD 12.83
  • B) USD 10.13
  • C) USD 14.05
  • D) USD 12.83
  • E) USD 6.33

The way I have done it is...

$1.60 / 158 = 0.010126582$

$0.010126582 \times 1000 = 10.12658228 = \mathrm{USD} 10.13 \text{ (Answer is B)}$

Is this the correct? Thanks in advance for your valuable help.

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May I ask what makes you unsure? – Phira Nov 23 '11 at 18:19
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Yes; since 1€ = 158¥, to go from 1000 ¥ to euros you divide by 158. Then, since 1€ = $\$$1.60, to go from euros to dollars you multiply by 1.60. So to go from yen to dollars, you multiply by $\frac{1.6}{158}$. So the total is $$1000\text{ yen} = 1000\left(\frac{1.6\text{ dollars/euro}}{158\text{ yen/euro}}\right) \approx 10.13\text{ dollars}.$$

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Thank you for your swift resonse. – DiscoDude Nov 23 '11 at 18:23

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