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I need some guidance with this Linear Programming problem,

I want to maximize profits subject to different constraints, the problem is

Maximize Goods subject to Min and Max Percentage Volume and Total Volume for each length class. enter image description here

and enter image description here

I guess I just need some guidance setting up the constraints. Your help is very much appreciated.

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Are there any constraints on the Premium, Normal and Poor. The sum of these percentages hover between 70% to 110%. It should be somehow related to the total pipes. I have worked out a solution. But its gives not feasible solution. Are there any other constraints. One more question, are the min and max percentages of total or subtotals? Should the total number of pipes be equal to 1059 or are there constraints on them to? –  satish ramanathan Jun 28 at 8:24
On one hand you are suppose to maxmise the profit subject to constraints. On the other hand, do you have to sell all of the pipe quantities or is it Ok to sell less of the given? –  satish ramanathan Jun 28 at 8:25

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