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Find indefinite integral of $f(x) = 9x^3\sqrt{x} - 2x^5 +e^{-2x} + 11x$

Here is my attempt: $$ \int\left(9x^3\sqrt{x} - 2x^5 +e^{-2x} + 11x\right)\ dx\\ =9\int x^{7/2}\ dx -2\int x^5\ dx + \int \frac{x}{e^2}\ dx+11\int x\ dx $$ (9 x^(7/2)-2 x^5+x/e^2+11 x) dx

= 9 ∫ x^(7/2) dx-2 ∫ x^5 dx+(11+1/e^2) ∫ x dx

= 2 x^(9/2)-2 ∫ x^5 dx+(11+1/e^2) ∫ x dx

= 2 x^(9/2)-2 ∫ x^5 dx+1/2 (11+1/e^2) x^2

= 2 x^(9/2)-x^6/3+1/2 (11+1/e^2) x^2+constant

= (x^2 (e^2 (12 x^(5/2)-2 x^4+33)+3))/(6 e^2)+constant

I have done this for ten times and this is what I got. Is it looking right? Any help please.

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sorry the question is find the indefinite integral ((9x^3)(√x)) - 2x^5 + e^-2x + 11x past exam question my answer i got is =(x^2(e^2(12x^(5/2) -2x^4 +33)+3)) / 6e^2 –  user152431 Jun 2 at 3:53
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