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I was searching for functions like Weierstrass (continuous but differentiable nowhere), but I haven't found any. If you could tell me some that would be great. Also, I would like to find some continuous functions with dense maximums.

This information would be very helpful for a research I'm doing in my university.


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yes :C and the only case I found for the first one, was Weierstrass. –  user153161 May 25 at 0:52
After my own mentioning of the Weierstrass function, MJD responded with this link: www-formal.stanford.edu/jmc/weierstrass.pdf on my answer here: math.stackexchange.com/questions/140428/… –  Nicholas Stull May 25 at 0:55
Weierstrass's function can be generalized. Or are you looking for some radically different construction? –  vonbrand May 25 at 0:56
@studiosus lol bing. –  Alec Teal May 25 at 0:57
@vonbrand radically –  user153161 May 25 at 1:47

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This looks to me as a very thorough compendium.

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thanks! That really helped me a lot! –  user153161 May 25 at 1:53

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